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just wondering if this is worth getting, not sure tho as never bought a usa lamp before


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Looks an interesting lamp.  Manufactured in 1999.  Here's a better photo of one I found at http://www.ioffer.com/i/beatles-vandor-lava-lamp-yellow-submarine-b...  with a price tag of £215.00


wow those are great i bet they would pull a pretty penny from beatles collectors or lava collectors and maybe more from beatles/lava fans :  )


Got a fan of both right here & yes, I have both the lamps. They run beautifully, though they are VERY heavy, being ceramic. Anything below $200 is a good price for these now a days.

Being a hardcore Beatles collector since the long ago age of 15,  one of my happiest lamp scores was getting the more common one for a measly 39 bux on Ebay last year. Haven't seen one go for under a hundred since.


I have my own little Fab setup (photo on my page), with just enough room left for the Pepper one should it ever come up at a reasonable price.




The Sgt. Pepper version is so rare, the above photo is the only one I've ever seen! I do know a Seattle-area shop that has, or had, the Yellow Submarine version for somewhere between $75-100, though, been too long since I've looked at its price tag.
if this is worth getting, not sure tho as never bought a usa lamp before
Go for it - I may also be tempted to get it myself and at 85 quid its a good deal, yea as people have said beetles stuff is  fantastic. USA lamp wise - there is a lot off good stuff out there and I find they are more creative in terms of base design and general funkyness then the UK stuff. However US stuff (i.e. new Lava Lite) lamps are known to be poor quality then there previous models.

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