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Hit a dozen garage sales and personally asked the sellers if they had any lamps and it was NO NO NO...

Then I decided to try one more, although defeated I manged to ask the people at this one last stop. One lady said she had a "bunch" in her basement but didn't think it was worth her time to dig 'em out. I told her that I would give her $10 each and we agreed to meet again in a couple hours....5 lamps (1 boxed) and an extra 52 oz globe for $50.....  note that I had already boxed up some of the caps when I snapped this.

.... Persistence pays off  :-)

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Wow, very nice!!

Dat last pic tho

It's a lava collector's dream come true. Amazing find.
Well done you. Yes it is true about persistence paying off. Glad you got a great score after earlier dissapointment. I think they will give a good display!

Dream come true for sure - I have expected to see a pile of Hot Rock and Lipan lamps all burnt up when I came back.

The key is "asking" because people typically don't put out things that they "think" don't work. Plus asking limits the amount of time you need to spend looking through baby clothes and rusty tools!

A couple of them were overheating but since yesterday I have managed to tune all of the lamps up with some perc, glycerin, and SLS - they are all clear and flowing PERFECT today with 6 hours of bulb time at the moment!  My goal is always to tune the lamp so it does not need a dimmer and can run for long periods of time.

I also managed to nab a clear/red midnight 32 oz this morning but the lad was Romanian and drove a hard bargain running the price all the way up to $15 on me

Great find!

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