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This time astro baby and telstar bottles. Pink green, clear white and green orange. 

So come on guys n gals vote clear white. I want my millennium telstar back to it's old self again. 

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I'll just call it now. Clear/white is going to win.

Bumping the main thread so it's on top…

Pink/green looks interesting, but a fresh bottle for my distinctly peach looking millennium telstar wouldn’t go amiss. I expect clear/white will take it anyway - well ahead on the Facebook poll so far. Green/orange doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Was really hoping for pink/white though :'(

Do a little colour swapping. I'm gonna buy a few if the clear white wins. Then i can have a clear red and a violet white, and a clear yellow and a blue white. Colours I have been after for ages. 

I think we are very lucky that Mathmos are at least giving us the option for some new colours, we would otherwise wouldn't have had.

I am hoping for a new iO bottle later and maybe fireflow and neo variants too? 

But yes me too, am looking to renew my millennium telstar. 

And if you're watching. Thank you Mathmos. 

Looking forward to a clear/white Telstar!! Does anyone have any idea how fast the white lasts in a “nice” state? Not sure if I should order a second bottle in case it turns dark beige within a year or two of moderate use and indirect sunlight.

I’m hoping they eventually add a pink fluid Astro to the lineup. Would happily do a fluid swap to create a pink/turquoise if it were available, I really want that colorway, but may have to settle for dying a clear (plum). The disappointments of joining late in the game lol.

A new iO color would be amazing!

I'll definitely be buying a few clear/white for color swaps, assuming that wins.

White wax will always yellow after about 10 uses, that's just how it is. My millennium telstar has gone a dirty peach colour, but it has been used to hell. 

My recent white astro has also now gone creamy colour from white. But I still love it so much. 

The pink green keeps catching my eye also, so if that wins I will still buy one, but no no no to green orange. 

Pink green is probably my favourite, reminds me of watermelon, but is firm last in the poll so far, behind even green/orange (I guess there's no accounting for taste)

Of course a chance to 'refurbish' the telstar is fine, but would be more excited for something new.

I totally agree. Why not simply produce all the colours for one day only? A little choice to suit all tastes...

As cool as pink/green is, I feel like clear/white is going to win this poll. Although I wouldn’t mind buying either.

Can you post the link for voting?  Thanks!

Lamp Addict said:

Can you post the link for voting?  Thanks!

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