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My main lava lamp is I know 60 years old but I don’t know what it is or it’s worth or rare. The top cap doesn’t come off to check for any other date cause it’s listed anywhere else. Someone once told me it was a Aristocrat.

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Lava Lite started producing lava lamps from 1965 so this lamp is probably nearer to 50 years in age or maybe slightly older.

This is an early Aristocrat model with a 52 fl oz globe.

Thanks for this I will continue to do more research.

It appears to be old enough to be a "screw cap" Aristocrat.  With the lamp cold(cool)/wax hard, solid try to look through the glass and up under the cap.  If you luck out and the cap has never been taken off there should be a small sticker on the inside of the cap that has a date code on it. If you can help it do not take the cap off.  As Modulo '70 said it is an Aristocrat and looks to be the Red wax, yellow fluid version, might not be yellow fluid anymore due to age and or color seepage from the wax but awesome lamp none the less.  Not super rare but these old "screw cap" lamps keep going up in value.

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