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My first fully from scratch custom lamp, just finished getting the water density set and the surfactant feels correct but after a couple hours running I'll see if possibly more is needed(I'm pretty sure its okay though). Now I just need to dye the wax. Going for an opaque ivory white which should have a nice effect viewed through the blue fluid(its blue with a few drops of red ink).  The wax is regular paraffin with 5% microcrystalline wax, the tacky/sticky white kind.

For the base I'm going to do a wood/epoxy resin thing for a kinda underwater magma feel, halogen light, and several higher power RGB addressable LED pixels on the top and bottom.  That way I can shine complimentary colors one from above the other from below and it should hopefully create some neat effects when it hits the ivory white wax.

Oh, and I intend to remove the labeling on the glass.

EDIT: I just realized the picture kinda makes it look like the glass is tinted, its actually a totally clear bottle.

(<- an example of the type of resin/wood project the base I'm making for this lamp is like)

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Well done!show us some pics after dying the wax. Cheers!

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