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I got this lamp for 100. Anyone know what they typically go for? He also has a silver 27in that I can get for 40 but it has dents on the base. Thoughts? For some reason I cant upload any pictures.  Says it need to be under MB and I've tried compressing the file.

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Giant is the name of the 90's 27 inch lamps, usually with a black base.  $100 is a good deal as they can go for quite a bit higher than that.  I don't know how much they have been going for lately though.  They are generally of a high quality.

The silver one is probably a Grande which replaced the Giant in about 2003 when production was outsourced to China.  Quality with them is hit or miss but personally I would consider one for $40 if the globe looks to be in good condition.

As for loading pictures in a discussion I generally use copy and paste without any problems

Nice score bro!  Grats!  Have two giants myself.  Flow is the best!

Thanks! This is my first,  but I'm debating on picking up a grande for $40. Might pull the trigger this weekend. 

Mr MaGoo said:

Nice score bro!  Grats!  Have two giants myself.  Flow is the best!

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