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Hello everyone. Stupid question here but here we go.

Recently after searching for a long time I finally found a lamp/globe combo I've been looking for. It's not necessarily rare but I've had a hard time tracking it down nevertheless. It's a more recent model Chinese lamp.

The first few times I ran it the flow was awesome, almost too active to be honest...but recently it's barely been doing anything. It just rises up halfway and goes back down. Occasionally it makes a bubble or two but that's about it. I'm letting it have more than enough time to heat up as well.

Is there anything I can do? I love the color combo and the lamp itself was a gift so I would really like to restore it to proper working order like when I first received it a month ago.

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What bro, no pics?!?

My apologies for the delay. I'm back now and finally had the chance to let the lamp warm up fully. This is what it does.

Update: I've ran it every day for a few hours and still no change in activity.

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