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Hi all.  I have a few lava's, fibers and other rare items for sale.  If I can't sell them in the next couple of weeks, I am going to trash them.  Never thought I would say that but I don't have the room and I'm tired of moving them around my apartment.  Make me a decent offer and it's yours.

Here is an updated list - 

All are 32oz unless specified***

clear/green - 19

clear/yellow - 25

blue/white - 03

clear/cranberry - re-capped - slight color to the clear liquid

orange/white - 05 - x2

blue/yellow - re-cap

purple/pink - 21

clear/blue - 13

clear/purple - 09 - Boxed - x2 - black cap/base

clear/teal - 17 - Boxed - some wear to the box - black cap/base

blue/yellow - 24 - Boxed - Silver Streak cap/base

clear/purple - Century 52 oz - Black Cap attached

Sculptured Electra - Lava Lite - Blue/Blue - Boxed (seen better days)


Trophy w/spray

Love Story (Black) w/spray

Gold Sunburst - No spray

Firefly Boxed - Only taken out to be photographed.  New

Comet w/spray

I have 2 spare Fantasia sprays.  They are the small half dome shape that you would find on the Love Bug or the Comet.  They are used in a lot of the smaller Fantasia lamps.  I have 2 of these.

Hobby Optical Dream Tree

Green/Blue Lucite Grape Lamp - HUGE

Evergleam 2ft - 19 Branch Aluminum Christmas Tree - Boxed

Starband Sparkler 2ft - 19 Branch Aluminum Christmas Tree - Boxed

Peco Deluxe Christmas Pine - 2ft - 22 Branch Aluminum Christmas Tree - Boxed

I want to move all of these.  Make me a decent offer and let's do this.  Any questions, feel free to email or text me - 310-746-5933

I have pictures of most items if you want them.

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