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lava goes too bubbly and it clouds the liquid in a matter of minutes

so this is my first thread but it's been my 10TH failure in homemade lava lamps..


i was using mineral oil before as the lava, but i'd get trouble when the oil and the oil pastel that i used to color the lava just get separate.. (i just had a theory that perhaps they just won't really combine because of their different density, judging from mineral oil which stays in liquid shape in room temperature while oil pastels goes to solid shape in room temperature.. idk, cmiiw)


in this one, i used white paraffin as the lava and distilled water as the liquid.. and the other things i used are the trichlorothylene (which i thought would work the same with perc as they're both heavier than water, and the chemical store where i go to said that they don't have perc), the epsom salt solution, 3 tiny drops of dishwashing liquid, oil pastels (to color the lava), and food coloring..


so i've mixed 1/3 of perc (or trichloroethylene in my case) with 2/3 of wax, added the salt solution like an inch tall below the liquid's surface, dropped 3 tiny drops of dishwashing, and i get a lamp with the lava forming lots of small bubbles that would just bounce off each other and won't combine when heated up, and after an hour of letting it as it be, it just clouds the water.. by the next hour, all of the bubbles of wax just get stuck on the top and won't get down unless i turn off the light...


question is, what did i do wrong..?? what ingredient that i don't have the correct amount of..??

is it too much of the salt solution, too much of chroloethylene, not enough wax, or is there any other necessary ingredient that i'm missing..??

oh, and i haven't even put in the oil pastel yet..

here's how my lamp looks like:

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