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Hi Everyone. I have a problem with my lamp. It seems to take 2hrs to start moving, then after about 30mins it remains in a ball at the bottum of the base and will not move at all. I left it runing for hours and nothing. I tried a dimmer and a lower wattage and nothing still. Is this broken??

My other one (smaller one) flows after 1hr and can go for well over 5hrs up and down forming balls etc. Thanks.

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That sounds like a defective product, what brand is it? It can take for example 3 hours for a Mathmos Astro to get upto temp.
it is a "Lava Brand Motion Lamp." 40watt bulb.
it kind of floats just above the base rim in a ball, the bottum of it is in the coil but not all of it. like i said it floats there in a ball. it is yellow liquid with red goo.
button of the goo is sitting in the coil tho.
I just did what Bohdan said here. I have a clear/white 52oz lamp that flowed I think only a few times. I honestly can't remember when it flowed. It seems to let off one bubble, then sits in a blob at the base. I lifted it up and noticed that the lava was floating above the coil but never touching it or through it. Even after turning it off for 5 minutes, the lava still did not touch the coil. It was surrounding it.

I took the lamp and put it on the floor and twisted a few times. I checked and sure enough, the lava is not one with the coil. I put it back on and turned the lamp back on as well. I am hoping that fixed the problem. We will find out.

Another thing I notice is the coil did not really sit center in the bottle bottom. The bottom is pushed in a bit and the coil does not seem to sit around the bump. I hope that makes sense.

Well, hopefully it works now. I will update.
my wax does sit in the coil, it just doesn't flow i dunno why.

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