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So I am a newbie here and just purchased a couple Lava Lamps through lava planet.  Well of course they were cloudy...anyways I went to the official Lava Lite Facebook page and somebody complained about how cloudy all the lamps were etc...surprisingly they didn't delete the comment and in fact replied back with this:

Lava Lamp Steve, if you have a cloudy lamp please get in touch with us and we'll replace it. We're going through a significant effort right now to improve the quality of our lamps as well. Send us a note at socialmedia@lavalite.com if you have a cloudy lamp and we'll take care of you.

Bold lettering mine....Curious if you guys have heard this before or if this is actually a sign that Lava Lite has heard all your complaints and is actually doing something about it!  

I am going to contact them about replacing my cloudy globes so I don't have to buy the filter, curious to see when the new products will be out...

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Thanks so much Doc! That is rather uplifting but it says they are sending the Biochemist to China next month! That makes me feel like it will be a while before the problems are really fixed. My concern is I bought two 52oz Black Lava/Clear fluid lamps and while they are not milkly they are a bit cloudy especially when it is dark and the light is on...during the day when they are off they look pretty clear!

I don't know if I should keep having them send me replacements for this lamp since others say the black leeches into the fluid over time anyways! Ugh....The last time I bought a lava lamp was in '99 before college and I bought it and boom it was clear and beautiful! This kind of sucks!
You should wait until november to have the lamps replaced. Their new batch of lamps should arrive by then.
Actually I just spoke to Paula about the black/clear and she said not to expect the new lamps until January:\ I really don't want to wait that long so she is going to send me a purple liquid/yellow wax one and hopefully it is at least clear!

I must say that I haven't had the best experience in quality with Lava Lite but their customer service has been wonderful so far!
Yeah we all have our fingers crossed that they will start making good lamps again.
It is surprising it has taken them so many years to make these moves but through some of my research it seems like they just installed a new CEO in the company about 6 month ago so perhaps he is really moving these changes...I'm crossing my fingers right along with ya!!!

I'll update..hopefully the 3rd time is the charm and I get a beautiful clear lavaruption!
to solve there problems it be better they folded or sell out to mathmos, then youd get the great lamps we do

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