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http://www.lavalamp.com/ Thanks to user Mike (BlindFaith) for the tip.

It's not great, but it's better than what they had before. Kinda.

However, Mike was quick to point out their history page has errors. Kinda sad they don't know their own history! 

Intro is cute though. :)

Check it out. I'm getting some redirect error messages. Anyone else?

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The website works perfect for me, except when I go to products and click Glitters, I get an error message.

Wow, just read the timeline.  Looks like it was a rough-draft text that wasn't doublechecked and finished!  Overall the site looks good so far

i wonder why the neons arnt listed on the site.

oh okay... i didnt know they were exclusive to spencers.

I still think they should list or link to the Neons. I mean, it's a product they sell, so why would you not want to promote it? Same goes for Clearviews.
Your post better not get deleted Mike! I swear, they need a new marketing department.
My neon didn't say Spencer's exclusive... Could be tho I'm no expert.....unless we're talking Metallica muhahah
Well, I can't view the intro video on my iPad. But the sight has awesome potential. Looks like they only have the blue grande glitter and night light glitters so far. So Mattmos, you aren't missing much yet. :)

I like how the lamp pictures look like real flow instead of digital copies in different color schemes.
My iPad showed the video. Which one do u have?

OMG this dude was the best part of the video. he's got moves like jagger. At first I thought it was Jimbo dancing.

You thought they might as well invest in there old globes for the video | as we all know they look so much better then the china ones featured.

| like the websight it sutes LL and is defunatly better then the old one but to be honest anything would be.

I talked to Dale about the historical inaccuracies and he is having them taken care of.

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