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http://www.lavalamp.com/ Thanks to user Mike (BlindFaith) for the tip.

It's not great, but it's better than what they had before. Kinda.

However, Mike was quick to point out their history page has errors. Kinda sad they don't know their own history! 

Intro is cute though. :)

Check it out. I'm getting some redirect error messages. Anyone else?

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All they need to do now is make the lamps in the USA 

They can keep redoing their website and packaging, but if the lamps remain the same. What is the point?

I have not received a cloudy lamp off of the lavalites website. Kudos to new site. It looks awesome. But to me there is nothing more frustrating than to see something you want online and not be able to get it. That how I feel when I look at both spencers and targets website
Every lamp I have received in the mail has been horrible. Fool me once: shame on you. Fool me twice: shame on me. As of now I have 5 shame on mes. Spencers does not have the neons and targets do not have the clear views in their stores anywhere close to me.
So I do wish that I had a chance at getting these lamps as shown in the pictures. I also wish that these products were on the lavalites website so I could get at least 1 of these.
OMG I love the new site. Love the colors they used and ACTUAL PICS of their lamps. The site somewhat reminds me of the 90s. :)

Definitely headed in the right direction. Now lets see those US made globes again.

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