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Lava Lite's New Website & The NEW Heritage Collection


The new Heritage Collection will be available to buy 10/28

**Updated the Heritage Collection will be released today on LavaLite Website at 10am CST. Heres a sneak peak!

*** http://lavalamp.com/heritage-collection ***

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I like the blue/white Century and the red/yellow Century more than I thought I would! 

Yes I'm found of the blue white as well I may have to get one of those.

And I may have to get that copper-based yellow/red!

could be the camera but the red colored wax in the century and wizard look to be about the same color as the pink in the grande...

Thats most likely the camera, Jamie. Usually reds will show as bright pink. Ive always wondered if LL has a ton of lamps in display and endless shelves and it looks like they do. I wonder what else they have around the place..

OOOO lets ask for a tour ! I bet we could get 20 ppl who would go !!!!


Wait!! Do the grandes have screw-on caps????? It looks like they do!

No I highly doubt it, in fact I dont think they will do screw caps ever again.

Nope, definitely not screw on. I think they just fit loosely.

Ian said:

Wait!! Do the grandes have screw-on caps????? It looks like they do!

Aw... Well that is very loose fitting or maybe it is just the glass distorting the picture. Either way I am very excited about this line and cant wait until I can get a grande! I hope they ship clear though... I am dying for the new ones because of the pinholes in the base, the fact that the bases are black, and the lava is neon.

If I can see a photo of a Grande in full flow and I like it, the pink one is totally mine. I love the (semi-)random hole pattern.

thanks for posting those pics, dr. what.  that blue/white is vibrant!

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