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It has been a while since I posted any goodies like this, but I have not been cast away from the grace of Lava Lite I assure you. Here is their newest product that will be coming to stores soon.


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I can see a Rainbow...

Dangit, they need to make longer videos! I assume this is a 32oz? Do you know what store will be carrying these? AND HOW SOON? Need moar answerz.

Oh, and I'm intrigued. 

Hopefully they're concentrating more on 32oz lamps than 20oz lamps.  This looks like an awesome lamp.  I hope its US made.  :D

Though I still feel they should be concentrating on bringing back their best 90s lamps instead of creating new ones.  Why not bring back the Midnights and Centuries and Elek-tricks???

i have to be honest - i think it is ugly!  agree matt - let's hope they bring back some of the great lamps from the 90's.

I don't like it either. 

I wish the people in charge of designing the shape of new lamps could think outside the box.

I love the idea of the multi-color glass to create color changing lava but the base is "meh". I'd like to see the multi-color glass use on larger lamps too.

I would have to say its a nice idea. Hopefully this lamp is brighter than the first edition of rainbow lamps. The base and the cap seems 70'sish with the bright colors. But I am still waiting for something like midnights and more flashy 52oz colors.

I have to agree with Jus, why don't they think outside the box?  Why not do a Chrome series in 32oz lamps?  This lamp also looks like it was made in China.  ):

The lamp is 32oz and made in China, but the quality has improved so having the lamp made in China is not such a harsh reality to accept. You guys need to assume everything is made in China until an announcement is made that manufacturing is switching over.

The reason why Lava Lite does not just go back to making lamps the way they did before is because it is not a viable business strategy. The market is different now. But me and Dale have talked a lot and he is starting to appreciate the older lamps a bit more so I do not think it is impossible for him to decide to reintroduce a lamp or do some sort of modernized retro model, but that is solely my opinion. The reason why the shape does not change is because the shape is what sells Lava Lite lava lamps. They are really big about their shape and like to market off of it. I would like different shaped lamps too, but they are sticking to their iconic look because it is what the average consumer thinks of when they think of a  "lava lamp". That is probably one of the reasons why the China knockoffs don't stick around very long.

As for the chrome stuff we have been over this before in a previous discussion if I remember right...

Well the economic side of production is clear, that's the reason any company outsources. I'm fine with keeping the shape. I'll probably buy the rainbow just because, but I don't like it that much.

I might buy it. Autumn, do you know how soon it will be released and who's carrying it?

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