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Hi all I have a question my lava lamp wax  dosent rise like my other it rises from the sides not the middle and forms clones of wax I'm not sure if it's on its way out or if it can be helped any help  will be much appreciated see enclosed pic 

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Hi, Martin. The bottle pictured is a purple metallic. These use a completely different formulation to standard lava lamps. And they can appear very different. The bottles only go bad when they go cloudy, which it will eventually and is why they were quickly discontinued. 

They are loosely based on tbe glitterball formula and they flow slower than a standard lava lamp. Look after your bottle they are now getting very rare. To see one looking as good as yours is making me jealous. 

Turn your lamp off and let it cool when theres lots of small bubbles in the fluid. This way you can preserve your bottle better. Dont let it overheat or it will quickly go cloudy. 

There were four colours made. Green, red and purple, with the VERY rare blue. All made by Mathmos in the year 2000 only. 

Anyway hope this helps,  

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