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ok a while back i knocked over my lava lamp and broke the bulb and replaced the bulb with another 40 watt. now the black lava seems sit at the bottom looking like a mountian. its connected to the coil. sometimes it does move but when it does it does in really big blobs and not small ones like my red one and eventually goes back to the bottom in a mound. is this a liquid problem? and if so how do i fix it.

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Maybe you have screwed the bulb in too tight? Was the bulb the same height? Sounds like its not getting enough heat.
i have tried switching the bulbs in the red one and black one with each other and does not make a difference. the water apears slightly grey then before if that helps any.
on a related note, do you think when the lamp fell, the socket shifted? it if has moved, it may change the distance and whatnot.
do you think the bulb has a special shape or was it a normal one?
well i switch the 2 and they both seem to work fine. but i noticed alot of air bubbles in the black one. just in case i have issues again i am going to change the water. now what all is in it.

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