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at one of my jets the lava always sticks to the globe on one side. the lamp is ok, the lava flows very nice. this is not so dramatic but otherwise it would look much better without the lava sticking to the glass.

any ideas why the lava behaves like this? any ideas what to do against it?

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Something got it stuck there and since that area does not reach the temperatures high enough to melt the wax it just kinda stays there. You can run the globe under extremely hot water and depending on how hot the water is, it should melt the wax. I am not sure about open flame on these guys. You will have to ask someone else about that.
good news: the lava just decided not to stick to the bottle anymore. without doing anything! perfect ;-)
My Creative Motion "Liquid Metal" lava lamps do this as well. Its kind of annoying but at least they're not as annoying as the Lava World lamps. This is a fault that I can live with.
just to keep you informed: state of affairs is that the lava got stuck again. it doesn't make me angry. maybe it will stop this again sometime...

Let me just reopen the discussion cause i have the same problem now. but it is annoying cause those are really big spots.

i never hat this problem after cleaning my water. but since today i have the same problem on two of my lapms. the only thing did different this time was the distilled water that i used and a new soap. 

the wax also lookes clear at some of those spots. Maybe i have to fully clean the globe and try it again.

Fully cleaning the globe is the way to deal with it - make sure the globe is completely clean and there is no residue. - I use boling water and dawn soap and that seams to work.

If soap and water doesn't work use a degreaser.

You should also have some soap reside covering the inside of the globe - that will prevent sticking.

Check out this from the lava libary  - http://oozinggoo.ning.com/page/sticking

the crazy thing is that the wax only sticks to the globe when i use distilled water. when i use water from the fauced i don't have this problem. so how bad is it and what difference dose it make when i use normal water instead of distilled water?

Have you added any surf to the water - that could be the issue

the problem is that i'm from germany and i can't find any translation for the word "surf". so what is it? do you mean if there are any air bubbles on the side of the globe. if so, than the answer is no. i have many tiny bubbles when i use normal water but they go away after a few hours.

surfactant is the whole word :)

Surfuliant or surf which is commenly referd to on hear is soap substance which contains surfacants - thies brake up the wax which enables the wax to flow
having too much surf makes the wax bubblie but not enough and it's one big blob

Surf on the surface of the globe helps stop the wax from sticking to it

T said:

surfactant is the whole word :)

so adding soap or more soap could solve the problem? and what dose the salt do that you have to ad? cause many times i had the problem that the wax was hot but it would not flow. so i added one drop of soap and it started to flow like crazy but after a few seconds it settled down and stayed at the bottom again.

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