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Lava table lamp shipped to member arrived with some problems - why?

Guys / Gals,

I am curious about something. A member here purchased my lava table lamp which was pretty much perfect before it shipped other than one fastening tab missing.

Videos and photos, which was listed in my F/S post showed all in perfect order.

The seller received the lamp with lava rub marks in the interior of the bottle and more worrisome is that the fluid arrived very cloudy.

What conditions other than maybe poor handling would cause such issues. The lava rub marks I think I can imagine but crystal clear fluid turning cloudy? How does that happen. What conditions would cause this?

My post is not about defending myself, it's for the buyer who received a lamp that was not in the same condition when it shipped. I feel very bad about this as the lamp was really nice and I am worried it won't return to it's former condition.

People ship these lava lamp items all the time. Do they all arrive with lava rub marks and cloudy fluid if not there originally? Am I over thinking this?

This also makes me nervous about other items that I have listed for sale or maybe future items for sale. How can one avoid this issue for future shipments? We all know you can mark a box fragile, this side up, etc etc. I doubt the carriers really pay attention to those things.

The item as a whole arrived without damage other than the lava rub marks and cloudy fluid.

I asked the buyer to post up some photos for us to see, so maybe we could help him/her get the lamp back to the condition it original was in.

I did insure the item for the sale value including shipping. Based on this post, with no physical damage, can one make a claim so I can help the buyer out?

Original post in case anyone is interested - http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/f-s-lava-lamp-table-lamp-cle...



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rub marks and cloudiness can happen with older lava in transit and its not your fault

All the new owner should have to do is just run/cycle the lamp for a while and the cloudiness and scuff marks from the lava glob shifting around during transit should clear up

^^ Claude, thanks for the input, the new owner is running the lamp regularly and did advise the cloudiness is clearing up but not 100% yet. They did advise the lava marks are starting to go away but there is what they call a "COLD LAVA LINE" at the top that is yet to go away. Not exactly sure what that refers to and asked for some photos.

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