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I purchased a brand new LAVA brand Lava Lamp three days ago. I have run it several times for 5-6 hours and it has not yet flowed. The lava just gets hot and hovers in a big clump at the bottom, it looks like the picture on the site that is saying the Lamp is too hot and has been running for too long but I am using the bulb it came with and running it only in the specified time frame. Also, when it was heating up a big piece broke off and rose up to the top and has been there ever since. What do I do about this? It really bothers me, I want to look at a fun lava lamp, not just a sitting blob! 

Any help is greatly appreciated, I had one of these as a kid, but other then that I don't know much about them other then the usual not to shake etc. 

Thank you

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It is a 20 oz lava lamp that I purchased off of Amazon.com - The coil seems to be smaller in circumference then the bottom of the glass lamp itself and Im not sure if that is supposed to be the case. Other then that the coil looks like it is laying flat to me, albeit I know nothing about these things. I just want it to work!! Any thing you can think of to get it going correctly?

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