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I was just reading that in June they were bought out by Talon Merchant Capital. Maybe some good changes will be coming our way? Whaddya think?

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I didn't know. I'm a new member.
Here is a link to a previous thread


I too am curious as to what anyone has heard. Hopefully they will improve quality control and customer satisfaction. We can only hope.
I tried a few LW lamps here in Australia and they were all duds - the first one was a 52oz, it flowed for about 2 hours then stopped dead so I returned it and swapped it for 2 20oz's. They'd both overheat in 2 hours flat and sit at the top doing nothing so I gave up on LW lamps - I didn't really like the colours anyway, too gaudy for me...
I have a new found respect for the peace lamps - they can run for ages and they flow ok, better than a LW one anyway (at half the price!) Nothing like a Mathmos of course but for a cheap daily work horse they do a good job.
What's the name of the company or how can I find those lamps?
Hot rocks how do I find them?
Now, Who is Lava World?

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