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I just received a Consort I had won on ebay last week. Orange wax with amber master fluid. It's an earlier wood base model with the cylindrical stem and the disk on the base, it even has the often-missing original reflector inside. I was so happy it arrived undamaged. It works, flows good but the flow is barely visible through the cloudy master fluid. At the moment I'm trying cycling to see if it clears up. The fluid level is also a bit low which is unusual. Hoping I will be able to save at least the original wax. 

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Cool lamp!! Hoping it clears up!

Good luck with it, have two myself and love them.  From what I understand specific gravity and formula were a little different for these lamps.  Good luck again with, nice lamp!

These don't age well and all the orange ones I've seen are cloudy. I changed the fluid in one really rough one and left the one that I could still see the wax flowing alone. I've learned to like the diffuse mellow orange - almost like the mist liquid found in those old elegant enchantress lamps.


Here's a picture of the flow, I added a backlight so the wax can be seen. 

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