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Question for all of you. I noticed today as I was running my red/ clear lamp that it is actually leaking out the top of the screw on cap. What is the best way to seal it, or should I try and find a new cap? At first I though I had a leak in my ceiling since it has been quite cold, rainy, and windy here. Upon very close inspection of my ceiling I found no sign of water. I then looked closer at the screw cap. It has a tiny bead of water that forms on it when running. I can wipe it off and soon it will have another bead of water. It also looks wet surrounding that area. I'm guessing there is a small crack in the top and condensation is finding a way to the outside. Any help is appreciated!

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Screw on caps use an O-ring to seal the bottle.  It is possible that the original one has deteriorated, or it even could be missing.  Take the cap to a plumbing supply to get the correct size O-ring.

That still leaves the chance that the cap itself is cracked, but if so you "should" be able to see it.

Well, I just looked at the pics.  Since it's coming from the top of the cap that would be a crack!

Thanks Keith! I will let is cool off and dry off and take a closer look. It has been giving me problems today. First leaking, then flow issues. Ugh!

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