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Learned a valuable lesson today - let items get to room temp before cleaning in the summer

I learned a very shitty and valuable lesson today for the summer.

I rec'd my red glitter wizard today which i got for a great offer price on ebay.

I went to clean the bottle and it was pretty warm but not hot.

The bottle slipped out of my hands I caught it again and it slipped again only inches from my kitchen floor. The bottle broke up and all the contents spilled all over the kitchen floor.

The cleanup was pretty nasty and unpleasant with glitter and stinky fluid all over the place.

Moral of the story let all items glitter and or lava get to room temp before fiddling with it. For the winter I always let items reach room temp but for the summer I didn't think it would be an issue. The bottle was very thick by the way.

So I have a nice wizard base and cap and no red bottle to go with it. I bought this to go along with my flear market find of a purple glitter wizard which made me instantly fall in love with the glitter wizards.

Such is life, shit happens, but I am still upset as I was very excited to get it and at a great price :(

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YUP~!  Occasionally you see the boxes for sale like that on eBay
Keith said:

In the late 90's lava had the custom series where you could by the base and/or the globe separately.  I'm not sure if Wizard bases were available like that or not.  But that made it easy for people to customize the look they wanted.

Globe Box

yes i see them on ebay as well. always sell for.decent $$

Thats nothing.. when i was a teen around 17 i was down in the gaming room playing on my pc (this was 15 years ago) i got out of my chair and somehow slipped on the lava lamp cord of a orange 52oz lamp i have had since i was like 13 in that i got at chuck e chease and the globe flew like 10 feet accross the room smashed into the wall and shattered blowing up all over the wall and floor which was carpet

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