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All lamps in the attached photo I got for $15 total. Picked them up this morning.

The two on left we know are on the older side, how old, I have no clue but I think they are older than the aristocrat I got about a month ago that I posted about.

The 17" model in the middle is marked with a code 10 on the bottle cap.

The two on the right are most likely china models but hey, who knows, they might work well. These have all metal caps and bases, unlike new china junk that has plastic bases and caps like the 5 below lamps.

With regards to the two on the left, can I run them with clear 40watt bulbs as I am short on frosted bulbs.

Also, until I get them running and see what's what, who knows, maybe most don't work well anymore.

I will post videos as I start to play with and run them etc.

Any information on the two on the left would be appreciated.

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Screw caps were done away with to protect against lawsuits in the event someone opened and ingested the contents.  Or so it has been said.  It's actually easier to open the crimped caps than most of the screw caps, lol.  

kero48 said:

Thanks, both bottles (from the century lamps) are sparkly clean now and drying. The bases are being used for my 52oz glitter bottles. I love the old bottles, they are so nice to work with. Nice large openings and the quality is great. Why in the world (other than cost) would lava lamp move away from these?

I would love to gookit both and maybe over the winter I will give it a shot :)

While I understand, the screw caps on both my bottles came off so easily I was surprised. A rubber oven mit with bottle on the carpet and voila a quick even turn and voila. The crimps are easy but the large openings in the old bottles make for much easier cleaning and drying.

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