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Licensing out limited end user production of the Colossus

Hello everyone,

I'll make a formal introduction thread later.

I've been so bummed since the Colossus has stopped being produced! I know there's a colossus tread related to buying them from the blow out sale that ended last year.....

Now, here's an idea I was wondering if we could go aftert as a group of lava lamp enthusiasts:

How many of you would be interested in trying to get the company to license out a limited one off production of the colossus if we can find all the parts/find the factory and all they do provide is the basic schematics/recipe/BOM for the facility (which would be be based in the USA) to produce it. That facility can be under NDA. And they would get royalties and we would all agree that they will not be resold but are for end user enjoyment only.

Basically we would be taking manufacture in to our own hands with their permission and getting something actually made, and possibly being able to make a one of a kind color combo for the lamp.

I'm willing to spend my time doing this, as I have done some sourcing of materials and factories already and know some in Pennsylvania that would probably do it, if there's enough support for them to do a production.

On an even more interesting side idea, I wonder if they would allow an experienced glass blower to create the glass for the lamp by hand using their licensed/royalties paid BOM.

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I don't think LL is going to be willing to let anyone use the trademarked bottle shape (the shape of course that Crestworth created). Also I don't think you would get their current wax formula and I don't know why you would want it as the current formula is not the same as in years past.

Why not focus on another large lamp design, one that would have no trademark issues and buy wax from Magma Tower? Their wax is just great in large lamps.

I can tell you that what you are about to find is that the initial costs involved are high. I have done research on making a large custom, lamp to be resold, and found insufficient interest at the price I could sell it for. Not to mention the liability issues that arise when someone decides to sue you for whatever reason. Their kid breaks the lamp and it ruins the carpet....sue the maker!!!!

I found I was better off to buy a big lamp and restore it.....less hassles and in the end I am enjoying my large lamps.

Certainly got enthusiasm for it but it just isen't going to work - LL wont sell or let someone else use there bottle shape its really there trademark the same goes for there formula even though it is not the same as the 90's one they wont let anyone have it. 

If your willing to put in the money yourself I am sure you can DIY make a colossus yourself or sub contract the making of various parts out (i.g. globe, mettle work etc). This will be expensive mabie twice as much as a colossus was. Yes you may get buyers but I don't think people hear will be willing to all pitch in for a re-manufacture of it.

Critter is right, focus on another design or modifying another - others have done it with reasonable success. 

It's not that people arnt interested in big lamps or the colossus its just that the colossus era is kinda over - very much doubt they will re-release them and its also a fact of cost - big lamps = big bucks.

yeah, you guys are right I'm sure, but when there's enough money, sometimes a company will allow it to occur. IDK what their financial situation is but it's an idea.

LL might just be more private about it, but I've known more than a few companies (Smith and wesson for instance) that have licensed out their image for a price.

I almost wonder though, (and pardon me for my ignorance) if LL are struggling financially as I've seen new 16.3 inch lava lamps going really cheap (sub $10 at one store) whereas on ebay they are $30 (again pardon my ignorance if thats not in the price range). 

I was starting to think along your guys train of though as soon as I posted this (making one myself).

I have attempted to make a small one before, but never quite got the goo right (I'm sure you guys can help me here if i decide to go my own route). 

And I also have seen an idea of using a large glass vase that can be either purchased or blow pretty cheaply (I know someone quoted me $30 for one).


borosilicate glass vase


How many gallons is that lamp approximately? I figure I have time and I am young enough to have the patience to get it right. 

it's a 250 watt bulb right?

thanks so far everyone, as I said, I will definitely be introducing myself.

Do any of you have leads on even broken ones, or can someone send me some high def video of a large one running so I can get an idea of what I'm looking at. 

A Colossus is about 1250 ounces. If you build a custom lamp don't use just some cheap large vase from Hobby Lobby or other store. Get a proper borosilicate cylinder made. Cheap vases are probably going to fail because the temperature differential between the bottom and the top.

thanks Critter! I'm definitely going to go that way. I was thinking of try to start by making one with a nice pyrex Erlenmeyer flask I have right now to just test it out. if you guys say Magma Tower has great goo, I'll grab a kit from them to try it out.

I did contact ll to see if they have any left over bases, glass, or anything (you never know what they may have sitting around, even if someone's already asked).

Any other suggestions are welcome, and appreciated!

Thank you so far

Critter said:

A Colossus is about 1250 ounces. If you build a custom lamp don't use just some cheap large vase from Hobby Lobby or other store. Get a proper borosilicate cylinder made. Cheap vases are probably going to fail because the temperature differential between the bottom and the top.

Joseph - I may have one or more Colossus lamps to sell and should have a better idea tomorrow afternoon sometime.  There has been a lot of interest expressed in these, so I will likely have to take offers.  These will not be cheap though, will not sell for under their MSRP (initial or the special run many of us OGers got in on), but will likely sell at a premium (as they should).

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