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Limited edition Lava Grande with blue liquid, white wax. I was told only 100 made?

Its in original unopened packing box,

Make reasonable offer. These were selling on eBay for $300 Plus when available.

I have one opened one I'm keeping as collectors items.

I will post pics of opened one soon as I dig out of storage

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Thank you all for your well wishes.
I guess no one has the money they had when I bought these 3.
They were going for 350-400 on eBay. And thats when you could still get them from lavalife!
No. I'll let it go to someone who appreciates it.
$200 was the top bid.
I'll try Craigslist or eBay once more
Theres a guy with a bottle no lamp wanting $450!

Thank you again,
A user here just informed me they still made the blue/white lava grande. I was informed when I BOUGHT it. There were no more there were a limited amount. Because I wanted to buy 2 more. Back then they were 99.95 From Lava Lite! I have the original receipt.
Was I misinformed now, or was I misinformed then, are these not collectors items? Or am I misadvertising too?

Pics of my other white blue. Hmm wont let me attach.
Hopefully lava world or whoever will bring back the blue/white grandes so these prices can fall. Just boggles my mind how all of a sudden there were no blue/whites, now there at least 5 currently available. All going for $500 dollars.
What would be a resonable price when only 5 show up. I own 3 1 just sold to another collector and 1 is just a bottle?
And supposedly there are only 100 left in the world?
I'll sell the one the lave only drops a few "bubble globs" and the waters cloudy. I assume it was dropped or shaken.
I was hoping heating it up, cooling, heating, cooling... would fix it up. I don't want to pop the seal on the top because first: I don't know what to do. They say add salt. And 2: The person doing it has no mechanical sense (my attendant) and I'm afraid he'd ruin it forever.
I can take some pics when its hot if anyones interested. But I warn you I bought it for $75 + shipping.
And that was 5 years ago.
Ignore me. Sometimes I can be cynical :)

People will pay what they are willing for a lamp. That's pretty much how it ends up. Some agree, some don't. I probably would have been even more against a $500 dollar bottle of water with wax if I was not a collector and oblivious to the whole "lava" thing. However, since I do collect the lamps - it's not as much of a shock. Not much, but still a little. Hehe. It's a gray area for me.

My rant is not directed to you btw. :)
I have one available for sale if anyone is interested.... It is a touch cloudy but still works good
I bought three to collect. They are history. A good investment. The price never goes down, unless they break or stop working. Then you're stuck with a bottle of wax and alcohol. Well some can fix them. I have no hands. I mean a I have hands, they just don't work. I type with one finger, guess which one? I'll give you a hint, I can used to convey language other ways than typing ;)
I don't have anyone here with mechanical sense to "shock" the one that's semi working. Otherwise I'd have 3 perfectly good blue white lamps. Until I do get someone. I'll try the hot cold hot cold approach suggested on cheapcoolstuff.com. The lava bubbles are getting more active. The blues still cloudy tho.
I love your kitties! How many do you have?
Just this one now, my attendand has a himalayan. But he's a one man cat. Plus he always looks angry hehe. Seriously. He and my grandson are the only ones he tolerates. You even put him near me he runs. And if others try to pick him... well they were sorry. ;)
I have been checking craigslist in my area. People are reluctant to ship or they warn you about scam artists.
So I think I'll list is there if nothing works out in the other places I advertised.
I'm not dead yet, nor near death. Like I was a few months ago. I can wait. If anything. My mom has instructions how to sell my things now to donate to the poor. Which the population is growing everyday. I just donated my clothes, food and $200 to a local mission in Coachella that burned down. They housed 200 people and served 80,000 meals a day. Now the people are living in the fairgrounds until they rebuild the mission.
I thank whoever (I'm agnostic) for my VA pension, my house, my attendant and the things I have. For it might be me out there if I weren't injured 30 years ago.
Ya never know when someone might pull the carpet from under your feet and leave you homeless.
They aren't all drunks and addicts and mental patients. There are a lot of college educated people. Look at the news! 135,000 TEACHERS were fired! The last people you fire are Police, fire, emergency services.. and along the list teachers. With all the things they could have fired... Just amazes me that California fires teachers. Before we fire our inept Governor!
Such a cool looking cat. We have 9 cats here. Not as bad as it sounds. Big house - 4,000 sq ft so plenty of room for all of us. One is an outdoor cat that just showed up many years ago and decided to call us home. Same with another one we have. All are indoors except the one. Plus the 4 dogs :)

We love animals.
We lost two cats in the past year. We have 4 living with us last year..
My 17 year tabby and a who know how old Siamese that I rescued from a groomers that someone left. She was kept in the back in a cage almost 2 years. I cried when I heard ANYONE would cage a cat that long.
He came to us with infected teeth that spread to the ocular nerve, she was blind in one eye. Cost me $500 to get her teeth cleaned and the infection that she had for who knows how long. But she curled up next to me in bed the first day. She only left to eat and do her business. About 3 years later she started losing sight in both eyes, we had her checked and she had a brain tumor. She died not long after that. But at least she lived in a loving home when she passed away. We're happy for the love she gave us, and the love we shared

RIP Charli and Razzmuss. You'll forever be in my memories.

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