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I've been wanting one of these Link-d lamps for so long and just received this one from Kero48.  (Base and top, I already had these "Crayon" globes)

(warming up)

I'm probably going to have to tweak these globes.  I haven't actually used them in years but I seem to remember them not flowing well.  (Hey, I'm old, okay!)  

Thanks Kero48 for the excellent packing and quick shipping!

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Keith, no problem, enjoy it. They are very cool lamps but honestly I feel they are more suited to glitter. I still have the two converted glitter globes I used in a single lighted base. As I also recall they don't flow great with lava. They bottles get hot to darn fast but a dimmer could help that.

I take pride in packing well and we always have to do right by eachother :)

Your photo does not show up btw.

If I could find a buyer for the grande aquarium that would make my week. Gonna have to go on ebay later this week, which I am not thrilled about. My elvis vandor lamp is on there now listed by a friend.

Any lava lamp is cool when it's free especially when it's one you've always wanted.  I have two Link'd glitter lamps in clear liquid silver glitter in my office and they look so modern it's hard to believe they were produced years ago. I always get asked where one can find. I tell them with a little GOOD LUCK whisper to myself  since they rarely come up for auction anymore.  I've not seen a Link'd lamp lava or glitter for sale in over a year online.  Ok it may not have been a year but it's been a long time since I've seen anything come up.  When one does come up for auction they always seem to find a buyer. Always.

Someone has a complete unit up right now on eBay for an absurd amount of money

Most people do not know who made them so when they list them they do not list them with the company name they just list them as lava lamps or double lava lamps

So just as I thought I'm going to have to redo these globes. The was just forms a plug at the top. I know part of the problem is the globe shape, but I'm hoping I can get the wax to cooperate. (probably donor wax from different globes)

I once tried goo kits it's in both lamps and they work good but overheated very quickly

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