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Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has advice what this liquid is that is accumulating on the top of my lamp after a few hours of operation.  It appears clear with lumps of wax inside.  This is a 1977 lamp that I recently changed the water (distilled) and used glycerine to get the wax moving.  I’ve removed some of this liquid with a syringe and it appeared to be wax so I put it back in.   Disappears when the lamp cools down when turned off.   I thought it may have been glycerine but it is not.   It recently appeared after a few days of cycling after the water change. Please see photo below.  

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My friend all my lamps do that when running. It is normal.

it is the glycerine that is not mixing with the wax 

Do you think the glycerine is degrading the wax and breaking it up? Should I be concerned? The lamp is finally flowing nicely with this water change, except for this. ( I have kept the original water just in case this change did not work) Thanks for your help!

it working like most lamps some at the top, the rest flowing."
I wouldn't be concerned

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