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HI I'M very new here but i was hoping someone could help me locate or maybe 1 that they could part with the colossus  Been trying to get 1 but always seem like i get there to late  like glow.com  i would be willing to pay$ a decent amount So if you have 1 and need some $$ please let me know i also just purchased a 250 oz blue/wht lava globe from ebay seller said there was only 75 made i would put that towards it if someone wanted.  THANK YOU

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Ryan - I think your only option would be the secondary market as these haven't been available in the states for some time and I think glow was the last retailer with any in stock.  Gonna be mighty hard to close the deal on one of these as those who have them are most likely looking to hold onto them.  Glad you are an East Coaster so we won't have to fight over the same one if one becomes available.  :-)
This might be a silly question but would you consider selling 1?  I would pay double  i think they where like $780 but i understand if you wouldn't. Just jealous i guess  lol 

Marcel said:

Hehe i bought the last two from glow :)

Will be hard to get one now. Maybe they (lavalite) will release the old ones they have in stock in a few month.

I actually looked into shipping from the UK because the glow company wouldn't ship to USA but they would allow me to find my own way of shipping and i found one place for $525 and another for $699 of course the big names like FEDEX and UPS where over a grand but if you where seriously considering selling one i would def look into it.I would like to find 1 in the states but beggars cant be choosers i guess :)

Marcel said:

Hehe i am from Germany and the shipping would be very very expensive ;)

If you buy one from overseas you will have to rewire it. Then no one has the 200 watt flood light bulbs to make them function properly.
How about some more pics of your colossus Marcel!!

Marcel said:

Hehe i am from Germany and the shipping would be very very expensive ;)

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