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Looking for a Crestworth Glitterlite Emerald Green???

  • Does anyone have an Emerald Green Glitterlite in a Nordic Base preferably? I have autumn leaves, sky blue and ruby red. Looking for the Emerald Green to complete my collection :). Many thanks

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FIRSTLY MUST STATE those pens can only be used with the glitterlite fluid NOT living jewel !!!!

Any back to ya question crestworth did they do a clear version? id be very suprised that a bottle could fade completely clear , its possible the Ruby red could go pink, Ive seen clear, pink and yellow  thou never seen any broucher listing them, there is also a version with the fine glitter dust BUT instead of the tiny squares it had small tinsel strips, ive seen it once but the person who had it back in the 1990s wouldnt sell it, that was the first time id seen a glitterlite :-( im after a yellow, the violet was made using some mathmos dye 

If anyone is interested, I can do really nice replica bottles of the glitterlites. 

They work with my new fast liquid. So the flow is faster as on the originals, 

but also work better with nicer color. 

You can check out my shop for some photos and color: www.goolamp.com

for the custom work, i would add extra stardust glitter. 

Herr you can see a original next to my version:

Very nice!

Love the way that stardust glitter slowly swirls up from the bottom when switch on :)

Here is my replica of the Emerald Green. Contact me if you are interested. 

Your replicas look amazing and so close to the real thing. Love your green emerald replica. At the moment though I am currently only hunting down originals but this green glitterlite of yours could definitely be something im interested in the future. Thank you for posting :)

Marcel said:

Here is my replica of the Emerald Green. Contact me if you are interested. 

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