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Bought one via ebay a while back and it's missing the reflector piece that screws on either side of the bulb inside.

Doesn't work properly without it :( 

Long shot, but wondered if anyone had the part for sale?


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Was it this phantom which that had an awful spray fitted? I'll have a look in mine to see what bit you need, if it's the same as a Galaxy one, I may be able to help.


That's the one!

An awful spray relative to the glass version, but it is one of the original plastic versions which I'd only seen in the retail sales pictures before. Doesn't look so bad as it appears in the pictures. Just too small relative to the glass sprays.

Thanks for messaging me about about the Galaxy reflector. You're as star as that wouldn't have crossed my mind! 

The eBay photographs didn't do it justice, that looks stunning. Nice work Mark.
I was shocked a few months back and watching the re-run of the British game show 'Bullseye' which is a combination of general knowledge and darts with prizes, one of the prizes on Bully's (the game's male bovine mascot and central character) prize board was a Crestworth Phantomlite. I estimated this episode to be from around 1985.

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