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Hello, I'm Alex! I am new here, but I have been lurking since October without an account. I feel it's normally pretty bad form to post on a, uh, forum asking for something without having contributed to the community. So if this post upsets you because you feel that way, please just ignore it. 

Anyways, my first (and only) lava lamp was a silver starship with blue fluid and yellow wax given to me for Christmas as a kid. I ran it every day and miss the calming glow so much. I couldn't bring it with me to college, and while I was away our house was foreclosed and my family packed my things. I have the globe and cap still, but somehow they lost or forgot the base. I love this model and can't justify spending 70-150 dollars on ebay for a full lamp (then I would still have an extra base and cap.) I have seen people selling bases here, and thought maybe someone might have an extra silver starship base they might sell me for cheaper than the full lamps are going for on ebay. 

Thank you so much if you can help me out! 

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