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Ok, so I got a killer deal on a colossus because it is cloudy. I brought it home last night and set it up and it is most definitely cloudy! I've had two lamps that were delivered cloudy, a giant, and a wizard. Both cleared up on their own within a few weeks. I was hoping this one would do the same, especially with the recent heat waves. When I got home I jumped on this site and searched for every and all information about colossus-es. (?)

First, I didn't know they were china made until I read it here. I know china lamps don't always clear up. So now I'm a bit worried. I am terrified to open it up and mess with it. My plan is to run it for several weeks and see what happens. Not much of a plan... But I was hoping to get advice on a plan "b".

Should I buy a filter and try that route with the liquid? Or go straight to the goo kit? I guess the people that make the kits are pretty local to me. Although I know they are on vacation. Which is ok because I do want to give it a while to clear on its own...

However, If any of you with experience with goo kits and the like live in SoCal, I'd be willing to pay you to clear it up for me. That is, if it doesn't clear on its own...

Ok, I'm babbling... Sorry. Thanks for the help. :)

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I used a PUR water filter I got from REI a few years back...used it for camping.  I think it was 1 micron.

Instead of removing the Humungo cap, I drilled a hole and glued a standard garden hose fitting to it.  It's real easy to access the liquid now.

There is some gravity filters. No need to pump.

I just ordered a cartridge. I'll let you know if it works.

Tried a gravity filter and it was too slow for me and it required elevation.  with the pump I just drop the tube in and pumped into a bucket, didn't even have to move the lamp. Yes, it was a little work at about 5 minutes/gallon. filtered it twice.

Of course for a colossus you have to remove the liquid first.

But after, the MSR gravity filter filters more than 1.75 liters per minute (that's what they said, I didn't tried yet)

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