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Looking for a Mathmos Fibrespace lamp base + some clear/oranged tinted Mathmos fluid

Looking for the following:

  1. Mathmos Fibrespace lamp base (have the fibre optic spray, so only require the base)
  2. A little clear/orange tinted Mathmos fluid to top up a lamp

Based in the UK

Please pm me with any offers.


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Added Mathmos Fibrespace lamp base

I have an early fibrespace (black base) but the spray has collapsed somewhat. I'm kinda loathed to sell it as I like the design and I rarely see them for sale. Do you know where new sprays can be bought?

I've never seen one for sale separately, and unfortunately a lot of the complete ones have damaged/collapsed sprays.
Bizarrely, I've just bought an 80's lamp because I thought the spray looked fantastic.
It arrived, and the spray had some material wrapped around the base because it was too small for the hole.
I asked the seller if he knew which lamp it was from, and he replied saying it was from a Fibrespace!

I wrapped some tape around a trident ufo spray to make it fit in the fibrespace and it looked great, I was just worried that the tape might melt so swapped it back to the original spray. I've got some aluminium foil tape here, might try that instead. Great looking lamp, not sure whether I should polish it or not, the aluminium finish is quite dull.

Not sure on that, have never owned one. To be honest, I'd always assumed they had plastic bases!

The top half of mine is brushed aluminium and the bottom section is plastic.

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