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Do you have a vintage (or 90's I guess) century that you'd be willing to sell for parts? Do you have one that's thick as pea soup, wax stuck to the side, or won't even run any more? I really only want screw top caps, but in a bind, I guess I'm flexible on that.

I'm actually just testing the waters on this, as I'm currently saving up for a glitter film order of 5 colors, but this is definitely my next lava priority (yes, even in light of the lavalite heritage collection)!

Color is no problem, as I'm looking to restore these lamps if I can, but lava in yellow, red, white, or orange is a plus. I want ORIGINAL lava though...no gookits!

Message me if you'd like to get rid of some of the lamps you've given up on, especially if you'd like to make some room for new lamps! Let me know what you have and what you'd like for it, but please remember that I'm basically looking for junk...lamps that will require a LOT of time and effort to restore back to their former glory!

Even if all you have is a ziplock bag full of vintage lava, try me! I'm mostly looking for 70'-74' runs, but again, I'm flexible!

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I have at least two screw-cap gold 52oz. globes I could trade, and possibly one base. I'd rather trade than sell.

~ Jonas

That's great!

Messaging you...

Do you have a spare base for a century? I found the globe for one and would love to have the base for it.

If interested I have a silver screw cap bottle and an old century base that came with it. I think it was a gold base but lost the paint and is now silver.

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