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If anyone has old goo they don't want let me know I am doing a project red white yellow any color will work.


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Will you take neon green? 

Hi Jeff, how much neon green is there?

Its from a heritage Grande.  I kitted the 1st one I had that was getting brown flecks in it. Most of the flecks stayed with the with the coils when I emptied it but there probably are still a few in it.  I don't know the nature of your experiment, if that will matter or not but wanted to make sure you knew.

If you are still interested let me know.

  wow a full quart is whats usually in a grande . Yes I can use it. would it fit in a Gatorade bottle? If you could ship it like that?  my zip code is 32506 Pensacola florida for shipping. Let me know how much.


If anyone else has neon green let me know!

Sry for the delay on this....things have been busy.  I still have the wax...its in a zip lock bag currently.  Shipping would be $12.95 in a priority mail flat rate box.  Let me know if still interested...I see there's another member on here now looking specifically for heritage wax...but you have first dibs on it.

Ok Jeff sounds good do you have a pay pal address? Just wondering was any of the goo lost during your lava lamp redo

Matt, if you are getting the green wax from jeff will you consider swapping me some uncolored Magma Tower Goo for it?
I have a quart that I would swap for the green heritage wax that should also be about a quart. I cannot use the goo in my experiment as it involves a need for a harder wax like the heritage wax.

I have a bunch of USA purple


That might work for me.  Do you know approximately how much you have?  Also how much you would sell for?



I might have some purple as well...have to check.  Matt please PM me for paypal address and also send me your shipping info...or if you end up doing the trade with Critter I can ship the wax directly to him or however you want to work this out.

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