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Came across this lamp at an antique mall today, as well as a USA Blue/White Swirl w/ clear/blue base.  Scored that one for $15, but passed on the red/clear for the time being as I'm not sure really what the value of the older lamps is.  What do you think?  Is it worth their asking price?  Close to their asking price? 

The flow seemed OK, despite it running in a very hot environment, and the globe was clear.  Wax looked OK too.  Could not remove plastic cap...thinking its been glued, or its a screw top, (didn't think there ever were any screw top 32 oz globes made though)

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Screw top.  All (well nearly, except for Imperials) LL brand lamps were screw tops until the 90's.  I have one complete like that and I think they are great lamps.  $125 is more than I would pay but I have seen them listed in that range on ebay, but at that price they normally include the original flower-ring that goes in the tray.

Jeff, I'm really too new to comment, but I can tell you that there are a few with the flower base on ebay and they are not going for nearly as much!!!  The nice thing about buying the lamps up close and personal is that you can see them running in some cases.  Now this is strictly IMO.  I did score a blue swirl on ebay and it is a bit cloudy.  Not bad.  Great flow, so it's a keeper.  I'm hoping it clears up after awhile. 

Again, look on ebay.  I believe they are still up for grabs.  Not sure of the color combo though.  After looking at 100 lava lamps a few times a day, it all gets jumbled in my 80's brain!!!  lol!!!

I'd pay about $50, tops, for this lamp. It's missing the flower ring and it's not all that rare. 

I'd buy it only as a parts lamp for what appears to be a very very nice globe.  Would want the globe to address a Carlisle/Saturna/Alladin's that may have a globe with issues.  That being said, $125 is too much.

I found one of those in an antique mall too a while ago, they were asking $90! It didn't have the flowers either, and it was a screw top as well. 32oz came in screw tops for a while, until 1992? I'm not sure. The lava library has the info tho. I do have a 1989 screw top midnight, which I thought was unusual cause I didn't know that some of the midnight series came with screw tops.

Thx for the responses.  I kind of figured it wasn't worth the $125....I might make an offer of $65 and  if he takes it  I'll get it, if not oh well.  I wanted to make sure I wasn't passing on something rare was all.  I did find it in the lava lib, but I didn't see where they said if they were screw or bottle top though.

I'd wait, Jeff.  These come up on eBay a lot, and you should be able to snag one for $50 or less, with a flower ring.   Now, if it was the slender version globe, the Elegant Enchantress, well, that's pretty rare, and then we'd all want to know how get to your antique mall! 

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