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I have a machinist that if replicating base cones for Lunars as one of mine I obtained is severely damaged

(long story)

Is anyone interested?

Looks like the price is going to be @ $425 USD  + shipping

I'm checking to see if that includes mirror finish polishing

The more orders I can assemble the better the price

If budget allows, I have a company that will triple chrome plate all 6 parts so you never have to worry about oxidation again.

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425 just for the base cone? there must be a cheaper way!
If you find one. I'm open to all ideas.
CANC work is not cheap
Neither is spinning
And unless you are willing to order 100+ pieces nobody wants to talk to you
The question is does it have to be an exact replica or would carbon fibre be an option? a few years ago I had contact with a company that replicates parts for motorcycles and cars and they would have charged about 150€ for the mould and then 80€ for each piece made. I never had the spare cash and a spare lunar to make the moulds from at the same time so it never got made but the price is quite fair I guess. no idea what chrome plating would cost though.
have you seen the video on how mathmos makes the bases? they dont make the from a solid block of aluminium, the have a
tube or plate which is spinning and with some kind of lever they wiggle it onto a negative base piece which is also spinning along. I think its a question of the technique which allowns much cheaper producing. also I thought about an acrylic lunar. the temperatures should be within the limits but first I need a lunar again so I have the exact measures and forms.

Dang seems like one expensive endeavor!

Yes I'm aware of the spinning. Method. It's as expensive as CNC due to tooling

Acrylic would be cool

its all in getting someone to make the CAD file accuratly

I have the software but not the time or knowhow

As soon as I have a Lunar again I can have it 3d scanned. I already located one in a local pub but will have to wait till end of july untill I got some cash I can shove up the owners...wallet. I tried once a few years back and he refused to sell it but this time I will bring my 1,5 year old daughter. She's cute a button and I'm sure he cant refuse when he knows it's for her...which isnt even a lie but anyway...as soon as I have it I will try and replicate it. maybe it doesnt even need to be scanned, I'm thinking of vacuum forming or making a mould and "blowing up" a sheet of acrylic just like acrylic domes are made. also I still hope to find some generic parts of...whatever...which have the exact measures like the cones. I already found a part which is a 1:1 duplicate of the rocket shaped jardiniere cap...its a champagne cooler :) I think there are still a few options left before spending 425$ each cone...thats almost the original price of the lunar as it came out :) 3d printing could also work as there are so many materials which can be used to print...or stereo lithographic printing...we'll see... I wont stop until its done :)

Either way, I need to know if anyone is interested before we order the aluminum material

The materials alone are $100 per unit

If anyone need a replica base, please let me know ASAP


Try to see what it costs to have them chrome plated.

That alone costs me $650 to polish and all the parts, copper plate them, then triple chrome plate them.
This also included removing a dent it the top cone by hammering it out, copper plating it, then filling the remaining void with lead, grind, sand with various grit until smooth again, then re-copper plate it, then polish it again, then chrome plate

(they included gold plating the tip at no extra charge)

I will never have to worry about a tarnished oxidized finish again

kero48 said:

Dang seems like one expensive endeavor!

Btw if you are having the cone made from a solid block of aluminium have you thought about some slight design improvements like replacing the three parts where the bottle sits on by just leaving an edge (thicker walls will also be more dent proof and will make the lamp overheat less quickly). I'm thinking of the lunar bullet one off lamps just made from one part instead of two. Also if you have it plated anyway I'm sure there are metals which are more resistent than aluminium as aluminium tends
to break fast if it gets bent more than once which is why bicycle frames made from aluminium cant be bent back in shape after a crash or so. sorry for all the typing but I felt like I had to tell before you start spending this small fortune on your spacecraft.
A last thing that came to mind is having a small cone made for placing it over the plastic part thats keeping the cable in place and where the socket is screwed onto inside the lamp like on this telstar base just bigger of course

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