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I have a machinist that if replicating base cones for Lunars as one of mine I obtained is severely damaged

(long story)

Is anyone interested?

Looks like the price is going to be @ $425 USD  + shipping

I'm checking to see if that includes mirror finish polishing

The more orders I can assemble the better the price

If budget allows, I have a company that will triple chrome plate all 6 parts so you never have to worry about oxidation again.

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Thats not where the damage is located

But a nice idea.

I have plans drawn up for a 6ft custom color-change rocket lamp (10 gallons+) with 5 attached rocket boosters to support it on the floor, made of multi-colored clear glitter sized Lunars (or Grandes), but it will take time, a lot of $,  and a proficient CNC operator / designer

One mental / financial disaster at a time!

If I had a dollar for every "kickass awesome lunar idea" ... Well...at least I had the cash now to have a carbon fibre lunar made ;)
whats your point? if it had much thicker walls you could drop it from a table without the base getting dented like the one on your pic. maybe you got me wrong due to my english using german grammar...;)

Claude J said:
Thats not where the damage is located

I AM using thicker walls with the machining being done so a mistake like that never happens to me

And since 2 of the initial four people are not interested, I

l probably make two new ones for myself and sell the old one.

Especially since I'm using 200% bottles

What are you asking for the old one? I might be interested? whats 200% bottlez?

I assume your talking about the good one -not the damaged old one in the photos at start of this post/string?

The good one has been chrome plated (still at Plating company)

Probably $300 + Ship if I'm to sell it or Possible trade


(im surprised you have not seen this posting)



actually I was thinking about the damaged one so I can start to try replicating it without actually spending a small fortune on a lunar at this time.
I have seen the xxl bottles a while ago but to be honest I like the lunar as it is...although I'm glad Marcel had them made as I was wondering how it would look for quite some time.
Oh that's different. I saw your photos and the kick-ass jet made out of stainless steel.
I hadn't thought about it cause it's still in the hands of the machinist.
I suppose @ $75/$100? Or trade ?

Great work on all the rest of your lamps. I'm impressed.
I like painting but until the time comes when I will replace the now discarded paint booth I had. I've been sending them to the auto body shop.
I can only get that hi-quality finish if I buy 2K rattle cans from a place called Eastwood here in the states.
They sell one-time-use 2-part auto paint with harder you mix by opening a can within the can.

Highly durable with a nice clearcoat, they glisten
hmm although the price might be ok nowadays imo its a bit much for what it is and I dont have much to trade away and also they're all "de valued" by painting except 2 or 3. I think I'm gonna wait for a bargain lunar...got one for 80€ once, some day I'll find another cheap one :) I'm also using the 2 part varnish some times. its great but since you have 5 days max to use the whole can I'm using several layers of 1part varnish mostly.
I didnt make the jet myself...I wish :) A co worker had it made by his roomate who worked for a tool manufacturer...it cost me 40€ and its my favourite lamp ever :) I wish I still had the silver glitterball bottle for it but I needed some cash amd sold it.

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