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Ok Guys

So i've just adopted my first Lunar - Yaay !   It needs a bit of a polish up starting with the cone, but I can't seem to get it off the bottle.  I've unscrewed the tip thinking this holds it on but the cone is stuck tight and I don't want to use any undue force in case I damage it.


Also, what are you guys using for polish.  I've tried Autoglym metal polish on a tarnished Telstar fin, but although it cleans and polishes it up nice & shiny, i'm left with faint swirl sratch marks - even with using a microfibre cloth.....


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.....yes Tim, very minimal damage to just the cone. It's got a couple of small dimples round one side and a surface scuff here & there.  The bottle fluid is exeptionally clear for it's age and has a great flow.......not sure how many hours it's going to take to polish it up, but as it's my first Lunar, it's going to be a labour of love.  Intending to post some photos as I progress restoration.

Tim Gill said:

verry nice Pete - i am sure with a bit of polish handy work it should be fine

get some picture up when you have finished sorting it out

....makes you wonder George what these people are thinking about when they do this.......Lunar-tics !

George said:
One of my Lunars also had the cone siliconed to the bottle. Now that was fun trying to pry it off.

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