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hi guys, i have a cracked bottle cap on one of my lunars, is there a product out there with the same size cap, maybe a jar of something in the supermarket that will fit
regards krissy

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they still sell caps, they still sell bottles...the question of all questions now is: do they still sell bases? ;-)
You can order the black caps for Lunarbottles for 2 Euro apiece. Ask Mathmos.
I speak to Mr. Marcus Saunders at the german telephone. And he said to me that you can order Lunarcaps for 2 Euro apiece. Then i order 5 pcs. That was this week. And now i wait for it.

Can you still do this?

Only I asked Mathmos UK & they told me "No!"

Can anyone help me - I need 2 caps please?

Thanks, Simon

Good idea!

Hello Lunar adorers

Just in case anybody is interested in empty Lunar bottles and screw caps. There's a guy in Germany selling some. I bought one from him and it fits perfectly. The screw cap looks like the original one. So finally I can have different bottles for my one Lunar base :-).

Send me a PN for further information.


If you need a replacement Lunar bottle screw cap in the USA, I discovered that the cap from a 128 oz Wesson Canola Oil container works/fits perfectly.


If you like a better looking screw cap. How about this one?

You can't see the cap under a Lunar cone so does it really matter what it's color is?

If the cap works well - that's good enough for me. 

You're absolutely right. I drive a 2015 Bentley with a 1958 Volkswagen engine. 

Some people like to have the genuine look even under the hood ahhhh I meant cone. 

By the way the cap I showed can be bought without a gallon of vegetable oil. 

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