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How difficult is it to fix a wonkey nose point on a Mathmos Lunar?

The rest of it is in good condition, but the nose cone point is wonkey?

How strong is the cone around where the point goes in?


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Normally it should be no problem to bend it back to its original position.  Some of em are just not 100 straight, the hole isnt drilled perfectly in center at aome of em, so no way of ketting it 100% correct.

Thanks for that!

I'm pretty keen to get my first Lunar, but money is tight so i'm looking at the lower end of the money scale.

I'm judging what state i can accept with a view to getting it up to scratch.


the point should not actualy be fixed to the cone.

on the original bottles there is a threaded bar which is attached to a cap which fits over the cap of the bottle. the threaded bar protrudes up through the hole in the cap and it is to this that the point/tip screws onto.

If the tip is bent its either that the hole is not central in the point of the cone, the threaded bar is bent, or the tip has been glued directly onto the cone. this could be the case because if you now buy a custom bottle from mathmos they do not supply the threaded bar cap thingy with the bottle.


I have an old bottle where the threaded bar cap is glued to the bottle cap. I also (luckily) got with my other lunar the threaded cap section but it is free from the cap so I have attached the tip to the cone which i can now place on any bottle.


The bar section is very standard i will take a couple of pictures tonight so you can see what i mean. i also think this would be easy to make yourself if needs be.


I just used a bolt with a fine thread and a nut to fix it on a lunar that was missing the tip etc.

so here's the one with the extra threaded cap and one without (apologies for blurry pic, my hand is not the steadiest!):-

and here the thread with tip!


That's great.  Simple. Effective.

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