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Major Craigslist Find - Pink/Pink Giant on Black Base

I snagged this Pink/Pink Giant this morning in South Austin for $30!  I woke up around 1a last night to find that it was just listed on Craigslist in the last few hours:

I texted the former owner at 6:30a and by 10a this beauty was mine!

The guy said his friend gave it to him and he'd never run it -- his wife was making him get rid of stuff.  (I've never met her, but I know I love her!)

I had the globe strapped into the passenger seat of my pick-up.  All the way home, I couldn't stop looking at it.  The liquid looked neon to me -- like a pinkish orange-ish neon.  I had read all there was on OG about Giants before going to get it this morning, and I just couldn't place this color while driving down the road.

Here it is spiking...

I know it looks sorta' red (damn iPhone camera), but believe me - the liquid is pink!  I'm not sure if the wax is white or pink.  I can't wait for it to flow!  I'm so excited!!!  

The base has a couple of dents (I WILL get them out) and the original felt on the bottom is stamped Mar (can't read the day) 1996.

Erin - Patience does pay off!

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Great find/deal! I got another purple/yellow Grande today from Craigslist today for $25. I won't have it in hand for a couple of weeks when we are able to meet up but the deal is done. Today must be *the* day!

Awesome, Rudy.  It looks like our day.  Cheers!

Awesome indeed, Kirk! You got better in terms of value but I got exactly what I wanted because I wanted a direct match for my matching end table. Rock!

Guys - I've seen lava like this in only one of my other lamps - a Carlisle.  This lava is like freshly churned, creamy buttah!  Yum!  Yum!  

Oh, and I was wrong - I think the wax IS pink!  Once flowing - it looks like a pink/pink to me.  So pretty.  Photos coming...

Good for you!!  I would love to have a pink/pink giant!


Great find!!!

Yeah, beautiful!!

I need to mow, feed the chickens, weed the garden -- but I'm way to excited to do anything but watch the giant!

Wow, I am blown away! Put my name on this one if you ever sell it. ;)

You got it, Erin!  :>)

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