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The lamp I have is a 36oz "The Original Lava Brand." To my dismay, Made In China...

I've left it on for a bit, and it stayed in a blob at the bottom (11am-3pm)
then i read on OG that the material it rests on can affect how it works, and i put it on my harry potter book after letting it cool. it worked, and the lamp gave birth to a few bubbles, but then goose egged. (6pm-8pm)

I've read that maybe the coil is the problem, and that other times the bulb is the problem. For my sake, i've decided the coil is the problem. It covers only 65% of the base, and 65% of the lava. I think i am gonna open it up and stretch the coil, but im not so sure its a good idea, or that it would work.

The lava is either wrapped around the coil, or melted within it. Its giving me an unpredictable flow, sometimes working, other times not.

The bulb I have is a 40watt unfrosted 120v. for the sake of the argument, lets say its not the problem. If the coil-stretching doesn't work, ill get a new bulb, promise.

Can anyone give me ideas what to do?

(the black line represents the actual position of the coil)

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Try a 40w frosted bulb. An unfrosted bulb is probably overheating the lamp, making it goose egg.
If the lava is not IN the coil, it's a coil issue. The lava needs to be enveloped in the coil. You can take the lamp off while its running, set it on a solid surface and twist it back and forth. This should reconnect the lava to the coil. If nothing happens or the lava disconnects again, it's a coil issue.

Before you start cracking this bad boy open, you can try a frosted bulb as MDB suggests. I have a feeling that won't do much. Did you just purchase this lamp? You can take it back and get your money and invest your time elsewhere - like checking your local craigslist to see if there are any REAL USA lamps for sale. That is the best option. Or, you can buy some USA lamps on eBay. I can not urge anyone enough - to stay AWAY from the china made lava crap that lava world is making. Its junk. Straight out of the box junk that you just spent good money on.

If you want to replace the coil, check out the coil thread. It has all the info you need to fix the lamp. Again, it may or may not work.
the thing is, I've returned the lamp for a new one before at Spencers. I prefer not to admit defeat on this one, but ill try the new bulb instead.

I've tried twisting is according to your directions. It gives birth to a few bubbles, but eggs up again.

i now see that ebay is the best place to get them. I've got this one and i wanna do my best to get it to work the way yours do. Next lamp will be from ebay hahahaa

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