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For an independent school project, I had chosen to make a lava lamp. Not knowing what it would entail, I looked on the internet and stumbled upon several ways to make them. The directions seemed fairly straightforward.


About how long does making a lava lamp take (it doesn't need to be SUPER professional)


Is using perc safe? I had looked it up and read that it is carcenogenic.


Note: I do not know very much about lava lamps, so if you would be willing to help me, that would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks :)

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Hi, and welcome to the community. I'm quite new to the community myself, but I made my first lava lamp in less than a weekend. Check out how I started in the community, how I proceeded and how I finally made my first flowing lava lamp with 100% homemade goo and fluid. I'm still watching it for stability etc. but it seems near pro-grade in performance, for now.

Yeah, perc isn't the best thing to breathe, but you really don't have to: just spray it directly inside the container where you'll mix it with the wax (preferably in the one which shall serve as the globe), and don't use the open lava lamp as an asthma vaporizer ;-)

Start by studying Retro's basic formula.

Also this youtube video details very well how to make a perc lava lamp. Take note of the steps and procedures used: they can be replicated, on a smaller scale, in a normal household kitchen, with some simplifications.
I made my first lava lamp and am currently working on a second. I attached a video of my lava lamp running. Could someone let me know whether I need to add anything else to it?

Hey, congratulations! It looks OK for a first lamp, I love your choice of wax colour. Was that a vinegar bottle, by any chance? :-p

Maybe you could try adding some dishwashing fluid or some windscreen/window cleaner in there (coloured or clear) to decrease surface tension -> smaller, more runny blobs, but it can easily backfire if you put too much...then it becomes a mess of disgusting snaking lava tendrils :-p
Thanks :)
My next one has a purple wax.

I added some dishwashing liquid when it domed, but I wasn't sure whether to add more. I'll try adding another drop or two to it. Also, for my next lamp, should I have colored water, or keep it clear?

It was actually a kosher grape juice bottle :P

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