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I tried my hand at making some metallic wax and it didn't end well at all. Added two silver sharpies to gookit wax, and all I ended up with was a silver hue, no metallic texture whatsoever. Got any ideas for what I should do to get that shine? 

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Check the search function, there are many discussions regarding exactly that topic. As far as I know, no one who found a good working solution was really willing to share it with the board. but you can learn a lot about technics that didn't work.

What I tried was to use those cheapo "liquid metal" lava lamps and to refill them into Mathmos bottles. But to be honest: The results were not convincing. I now try to buy a second hand Mathmos Metallic Astro, sometimes you see them on Ebay UK and Ebay Germany, price around 100 Euro.

You live in the states, not so good for buying Mathmos stuff, I`m afraid...

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