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Has anyone every tried their luck at making their own spray for a fiber optic lamp?  I know where I can purchase .25 mm end glow filament (hair like-fine) for .07 cents a foot. I figured I could buy 300-400 feet of filament for $21-$28 bucks, and if it doesn't work, at least it won't break the bank. Is it easier than I think it is, or am I oblivious to the level of difficulty that it will be making a spray? By the way, the spray will be around 12"-14" in total length Thanks for any info, Matt

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I doubt it can be done at home if it's GLASS filament. Those used special manufacturing processes.

The fiber optic isn't glass, it would be the plastic type. It seems to me that it would just be very time consuming cutting 400 pieces of wire at one foot a piece. I think that I should be able to gather the strands together, bundle them at the bottom and glue while having it held together by rubber bands. Like I said, if it doesn't work, I'll only be out about $28 bucks. It just seems too easy, so I'm probably going to be out $28 bucks LOL. 

Plastic, then yeah, give it a go, take pictures of the process, and tell us how it went!

Fantasia, which made the first fibre optic lamps and which used glass, trimmed them in the dark. They put each spray in a lamp, and an employee trimmed each fiber with nail scissors. You could cut a flat template to half of the dome shape and hold that to the side of the spray every so often to check the lengths and see which need to be trimmed to what length.

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