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there's a special edition of the Mathmos Astro Metallic in clear/orange on proidee.de


they dispatch for 18 € to Europe and 40 € to USA!

Good luck with that!

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Good spot  -  the yellow one looks like it should pack a bit more visual punch than the original red/ blue variants, which to me always just seemed a bit dreary.

probably the ssame reasoin that LAva Lamp makes special lamps for Spencers that they do not sell directly.

Keep the distributors happy and feel "special"

I have a nearly brand new Mathmos Chrome Red in box i bought directly from Mathmos and used a re-shipper to get to USA. if anyone is interested???

Still wired 220V

Located in midwest

I would be willing to part with it for costs of $140.00 USD + USPS shipping to whatever zip code you live in in lower 48

Or an interesting trade

Whatcha got?

lampfancy said:

Wonder why the orange variant wasn't available through Mathmos

Wonder where/when the yellow will make an appearance...

Yellow's now up on the Mathmos website... anyone feeling brave?

I'll sell my red one

Mathmos have released a yellow metallic astro - perhaps that is what they are selling?

Is this a limited run I wonder?

Sort of tempted, but reluctant to commit without seeing  how they look in actuality. The renders make it look like it has more of a green hue.

Really terrible! My red and blue was in great condition. Ordered yellow and orange yesturday, so hopefully they are also in great condition!

Are you send these bottle back? Hope you get a replacement!

Nee said:

Yes it is a limited run. Dont know how many that means. I have ordered one so we will see. I will report back when it arrives. Lets hope that they have sorted out the bad scratched bottle issues. My blue one was in terrible condition. Here is a picture of the blue one.


Glad to hear the quality is decent, wax looks almost 'opal' in the photograph, how does it look in daylight? Also - no logo on the glass?

Mine arrived also today.

I dont like that the silver finish is so light, that you see the inside also if the lamp is off.

And I dont like the missing logo.

For me, not the perfect lamp...

I am thinking of getting one of these. I don't mind the finish being light, I am wondering what the flow is like on these. Does it do the snake like flow or more blobby. I know different people have different ideas of what they want their lamp to flow like, but I prefer the very snake like flow and any thoughts would be appreciated. I am really thinking of getting a yellow.

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