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there's a special edition of the Mathmos Astro Metallic in clear/orange on proidee.de


they dispatch for 18 € to Europe and 40 € to USA!

Good luck with that!

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Well. My Yellow Metallic arrived today and it is bubbling away beautifully. The base and cap were perfect. The bottle is truly amazing. It has a much lighter coating on it than my Blue Metallic and you can actually see the wax when it is turned off through the metallic coating. The coating itself is very good and well done, you can see that it is hand coated by the slight inperfections in the coating. There are a few minor blemishes but nothing that you wouldnt get in a normal bottle.
The new lighter coating along with fluidium yellow wax and perfect clear master fluid make this an absolutely must have lamp. Metallics finally perfected. 10 out of 10 Mathmos. Truly Stunning. And now I want the Red one too. Heres a picture


Glad to hear the quality is decent, wax looks almost 'opal' in the photograph, how does it look in daylight? Also - no logo on the glass?

I know its my camera. It is very bright yellow. And yes NO logo on the glass. I thought that was unusual but it doesnt bother me.

Mine arrived also today.

I dont like that the silver finish is so light, that you see the inside also if the lamp is off.

And I dont like the missing logo.

For me, not the perfect lamp...

I am thinking of getting one of these. I don't mind the finish being light, I am wondering what the flow is like on these. Does it do the snake like flow or more blobby. I know different people have different ideas of what they want their lamp to flow like, but I prefer the very snake like flow and any thoughts would be appreciated. I am really thinking of getting a yellow.

Yeah the lighter finish as you describe seems at odds the central concept of it resembling a solid metallic object when turned off, that and the omission of the logo is probably a deal breaker for me.

Was looking forward to these as well...


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